Automation Studio

Automation Studio Software

Complete Design and Simulation Software to Train Future Technicians & Engineers

Automation Studio™ is the perfect software for:

  • Electrical One-Line circuit design and simulation
  • PLC control circuit design and simulation
  • Digital electronics circuit design and simulation
  • Bill of materials and report documentation
  • Manufacturer’s catalogues for design and simulation
  • Technical teaching and professional training

Technologies Included in Automation Studio™

  • Electrical : AC/DC Motor Control, Electrical Power (IEC, NEMA, JIC, SAE)
  • PLC : Programmable Logic Controller,  Allen Bradley, Siemens, IEC
  • Hydraulics : Electro Hydraulics, Proportional Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics : Electro Pneumatics


Automation Studio Educational Edition – Features

Automation Studio™ is the unique fluid power and automation technologies software solution to teach and learn in a fun and effective way! It allows you to easily create or reproduce assignments and learning material, adapting it to your teaching curriculums.

  • Make your circuits come to life with simulation.
  • Libraries of thousands of symbols sorted by technologies ready to simulate.
  • Measuring instruments as: multimeter, clamp-meter, oscilloscope, hydraulic tester, thermometer etc.
  • Create or activate pre-defined failures to develop troubleshooting skills.
  • Create libraries containing only the required components to specific exercises.
  • Train with ready-to-use components from Manufacturers’ Catalogues.
  • Remote access capabilities for E-learning.
  • Create digital twins of your hardware equipment.
  • Virtual Systems: conveyor, traffic lights, elevator, car wash, pick & place, etc.
  • Improve blueprint reading skills with international standards including ISO, IEC, NEMA, SAE, JIC, etc.
  • Connect to real devices such as PLCs, Arduino™, and more.
  • Plot simulated parameters to monitor and visualize system’s behavior.


Application Areas : 

  • Mechatronics /Automation
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Aviation maintenance & Aircraft Engineering
  • Diesel, Agriculture, Heavy Equipments
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering and Technology
  • Automotive/Motor Vehicle
  • Renewable Energy
  • Marine Engineering

Automation Studio Software Educational Edition (Ver 6.4) Premium Package :     includes the following modules :

  • Pneumatics & Proportional Pneumatics
  • Component Sizing Module
  • Mechanical Links
  • Electrical Controls
  • Electrotechnical (A.C., D.C., Motor Control)
  • One-Line Electrotechnical Diagram
  • PLC, Allen Bradley™
  • PLC, Siemens™
  • PLC, IEC 1131-3
  • HMI 2D/3D & Control Panel
  • SFC Grafcet IEC 61131
  • Digital Electronics
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Embedded View and Sequence Diagram
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) & Report Module
  • OPC Client
  • Block Diagram (Math) Workshop