DIgSILENT PowerFactory Software

DIgSILENT Power Factory: The development of DIgSILENT (DIgital SImuLator for Electrical NeTwork) software began in 1976, and utilized the talent of many experienced power system engineers and software developers directly involved with the planning, operation and maintenance of power systems. Since the inception of DIgSILENT, the program has grown to incorporate a vast array of analysis features that are required to plan, operate and maintain any aspect of the power system.

The new DIgSILENT PowerFactory software is an integrated power system analysis tool that combines reliable and flexible system modeling capabilities, with state-of-the-art solution algorithms and a unique database management concept. The PowerFactory concept was initiated in 1993 when the decision was made to re-engineer the already successful DIgSILENT PowerFactory with improved solution algorithms and advanced software technology incorporating an object-oriented database. PowerFactory is setting new standards in functional integration, by incorporating a feature that can best be described as “Active Documentation”. This flexible feature allows the user to create detailed power system models in a single database, allowing model functionality to be easily extended to specify a wide range of steady state, time domain, frequency domain and stochastic system characteristics, for all analysis requirements.

PowerFactory incorporates an impressive and continuously growing list of simulation functionalities including:

  • Load Flow and Fault Analysis of complete AC/DC network representation, and allows meshed and mixed 1-,2-, and 3-phase AC and/or DC networks to be modeled.
  • Low Voltage Network Analysis
  • Distribution Network Optimization
  • IEC Cable Sizing
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • EMT Simulation
  • Eigenvalue Analysis
  • System Identification
  • Protection Analysis:
  • Harmonic Analysis

Reliability Analysis

  • Production Planning
  • Voltage Stability Analysis
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Power Electronic Device Modeling
  • Grounding
  • A/D Interfacing
  • Interface for SCADA/GIS/NIS
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • Fault Analysis
  • Protection Functions
  • System Dynamics & EMT
  • Transient Motor Starting


  • LV Network Analysis
  • Distribution Network Optimization
  • IEC Cable Sizing
  • DIgSILENT Programming Language (DPL)
  • Compatibility with other software systems such as PSS/E & PSS/U
  • Multi-User Database and User Accounting
  • Advanced Tools: Optimal Power Flow and Production Planning


Application area :


The transmission grid is currently undergoing a major change to reliably accommodate increasing amounts of nondispatchable resources. PowerFactory offers a complete suite of functions for studying large interconnected power systems and addressing  new challenges and emerging needs.


Different phasing technologies, such as single-wire earth return, twophase, bi-phase or classical three-phase systems, have created a need for multi-phase distribution power system modelling. PowerFactory provides comprehensive modelling features for studying all kinds of electrical networks.


To ensure continuity of production and the safety of personnel, the proper operation of industrial networks is of utmost importance. PowerFactory offers a vast array of functionality perfectly suited to the industrial user’s needs.


Reliability and efficiency are mandatory properties of a power plant as it represents the core of any power system. PowerFactory offers excellent tools for analysing all power generation components.


Power system phenomena such as reverse power flows, voltage dips and swells, varying fault levels and equipment loading are some of the challenges arising from distributed generation in electricity systems.


PowerFactory provides all  the necessary functionality to conduct complex studies for the integration of renewable generation into distribution, transmission and industrial networks, which is nowadays one of the key issues in  network planning and analysis.

Base Package

The PowerFactory Base Package provides analysis modules coupled with a wide range of power equipment models, integrated tools and features for fundamental PowerFactory applications.

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