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HOMER Pro – The global standard for optimizing Microgrid Design

The HOMER Pro® microgrid software by HOMER Energy is the global standard for optimizing microgrid design in all sectors, from village power and island utilities to grid-connected campuses and military bases. Originally developed at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and enhanced and distributed by HOMER Energy, HOMER (Hybrid Optimization Model for Multiple Energy Resources) nests three powerful tools in one software product, so that engineering and economics work side by side:


At its core, HOMER is a simulation model. It will attempt to simulate a viable system for all possible combinations of the equipment that you wish to consider. Depending on how you set up your problem, HOMER may simulate hundreds or even thousands of systems. HOMER simulates the operation of a hybrid microgrid for an entire year, in time steps from one minute to one hour.


HOMER examines all possible combinations of system types in a single run, and then sorts the systems according to the optimization variable of choice.

HOMER Pro features our new optimization algorithm that significantly simplifies the design process for identifying least-cost options for microgrids or other distributed generation electrical power systems. HOMER Optimizer™ is a proprietary “derivative free” optimization algorithm that was designed specifically to work in HOMER.

Sensitivity Analysis

HOMER lets you ask as many “What if?” questions as you’d like, because you cannot control all aspects of a system, and you cannot know the importance of a particular variable or option without running hundreds or thousands of simulations and comparing the results.

HOMER makes it easy to compare thousands of possibilities in a single run. This allows you to see the impact of variables that are beyond your control, such as wind speed, fuel costs, etc, and understand how the optimal system changes with these variations.


HOMER Pro can be customized with up to 9 individual modules to meet your specific modeling needs:

HOMER Pro Modules

HOMER Pro can be supplemented with additional modules for even more powerful modeling capabilities. The base license lets you simulate and optimize literally an infinite number of systems using solar PV, wind, batteries, diesel generators, and even simple grid connections. You can then add capabilities to that license, which:

  • Lets you pay only for what you need, and
  • Hides features that you do not require for your application.

You can create a completely customized HOMER Pro license by adding only those modules that you know you will require. We also have three Module Packs available that group together popular sets of modules, offered at a discount by buying the pack: Advanced Off-Grid, Advanced On-Grid, and Expert.

Click on a module to learn more about its features, or learn more about how Module Packs can help you find the right configuration quickly:


Allows users to model biomass gasification and biogas-fueled or cofired generators. It adds the biomass resource, the biogas fuel, and the biogas-fueled or biogas cofired generator.
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Adds the hydro resource and the hydro component. Users can specify the stream flow in the Hydro resource, either as monthly values or as an imported time series. Ideal for systems that include conventional, small, or micro hydroelectricity generation.
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Combined Heat and Power

For users who model building heating systems. Types of systems could include boilers, cogeneration, heat recovery, and any system that demands or supplies heat energy.
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 Advanced Load

Users who create models with both AC and DC loads, or who want to model deferrable loads such as pumping or HVAC, should use the Advanced Load module.
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 Advanced Grid

For users who will model grid-connected systems with varying grid prices, detailed grid specification, or off-grid systems where grid extension is a possibility.
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Allows users to model systems that generate, store, and consume hydrogen. It is ideal for users who model fuel cells, remote off-grid operations, large industrial processes, or any system with hydrogen production, storage, or consumption.
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 Advanced Storage

Unlocks the Modified Kinetic Battery Model (MKBM) in HOMER. The MKBM includes rate-dependent losses, changes in capacity with temperature, variable depth-of-discharge for cycle life, and increased degradation rate at higher temperatures.
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Allows users to model changes that can occur over the course of a project, such as PV degradation, grid price escalation, load growth, and fuel price escalation.
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Allows users to write their own dispatch algorithm in MATLAB, which will integrate with the HOMER Pro software.
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Module Packs

Module packs are designed to help you find the right set of modules for your application quickly. With the exception of the Expert Package, which includes every module, you can add additional modules to your license in addition to those included in the package, either at the time of purchase or later, as an upgrade. Pricing shown is for a 1-year standard license as a means to compare package prices to purchasing separately. Prices for other license terms will be different.

Advanced Off-Grid

Includes the 5 most common modules required for more advanced assessment of off-grid microgrids: BiomassHydroAdvanced LoadAdvanced Storage, and Multi-Year

Who should buy: The Advanced Off-Grid Package is designed for project developers, systems integrators, EPC and construction firms, and others who are doing middle and late stage design assessment for off-grid systems with single generators. If you are comparing options for Grid Extension to purely off-grid systems, the Advanced Grid module should be added as well.
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Advanced On-Grid

Includes the 5 most common modules required for accurate modeling of grid-connected systems: Advanced GridAdvanced LoadAdvanced StorageMulti-Year, and Combined Heat and Power

Who should buy: The Advanced On-Grid Package is designed primarily for anyone modeling reliable grid-connected systems, which often include Combined Heat and Power. If you are modeling systems where the grid is mostly unreliable, and there is no CHP, you should probably purchase a base license with Advanced GridAdvanced LoadAdvanced Storage, and Multi-Year.
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Expert Package

Includes all 9 HOMER Pro modules

Who should buy: The Expert Package is for companies working in one or more different applications, and who need different modules at different times, or for researchers who are exploring new equipment, control and dispatch algorithms, or advanced capabilities such as hydrogen.
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Benefits of using HOMER Pro

  • Reduce costs of proposal development by determining early stage project feasibility
  • Achieve least-cost design by building out the basic design of a microgrid or distributed energy resource (DER) system
  • Mitigate project risk by considering all options and scenarios
  • Compare competitive components in various simulated environments
  • Identify price points at which different technologies become competitive
  • Produce insightful customer-facing proposals that demonstrate system value


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