• Government

Whether ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of citizens or boosting national competitiveness, we work with leaders in government to support their technology service missions.

Our work spans the full breadth of Government including IT, Energy and the environment, Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) and various other Research organization

  • Industry & Commercial

At SimuTech, our singular purpose is to empower people to change the world; nowhere is that more critical than in technology world. For our commercial clients, we operate within a subset of the overall market to serve to Engineering & IT Solutions for the Fortune 500 and Global 2,000 organizations.


  • Defence

Innovating technology solutions to help defend the nation. Winning on the complex future battlefield requires technology solutions that improve performance, readiness, and resilience. We understand the mission, bringing the best emerging technologies to help modernize, achieve interoperability, and win.

SimuTech combines years of experience supporting most of R&D branches of the Indian DRDO Organization with transformative solutions.


  • Energy, Resource & Utilities

Energy is critical to every facet of society. But finding, delivering, and managing energy is increasingly complex, with rising competitive pressures, diverse challenges, and new risks.

We help our Government and private-sector energy clients gain greater efficiency through innovation, navigate complex critical infrastructure protection and carbon regulations, identify new revenue streams, and protect their information from external threats. We help our clients achieve more efficient installation, facility construction, operation, and disposal, and provide Renewable energy and Smart Grid solutions.


  • Academia market

India holds an important place in the global education industry. India has one of the largest networks of higher education institutions in the world. However, there is still a lot of potential for further development in the education system. Moreover, the aim of the Government to raise its current gross enrolment ratio to 30 per cent by 2020 will also boost the growth of distance education in India.

Number of colleges and universities in India reached 39,931 and 993, respectively, in FY19. India had 37.4 million students enrolled in higher education in FY19. Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education reached 26.3 per cent in FY19.

So looking at the market size of higher technical education market we provide them various lab and technology solution to enhance their infrastructure and best possible technology solution.