Over the course of a years, we have helped our clients achieve the impossible, making it our business to anticipate and solve for the emerging challenges of our time.

Our people are still the heart of our business, but we also know that the world continues to evolve and technologies becoming increasingly complex. Today, we’re engaged in providing leading-edge technologies in digital world by combining the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of our people with technology, software, and products. Learn more about our suite of solutions:

Electronics Engg.

Communication System Design and Analysis

VLSI, Embedded System Design and Digital Signal
Circuit Simulation, RF & Microwave System

Electrical Engg.

Power System Design and Analysis Software
Renewable Energy
Electrical Control and Automation

Macheniclal Engg.

Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Fluid Power Technologies
Solution for structural linear or nonlinear and dynamics analysis

Civil Engineering

Structural, Analysis & Design Software
CAD/CAM Solution

Computer Science & Engineering:

Cloud Computing
AI, Machine Learning, Big Data
Networking Technologies

Others Solution

For Defiance Sector
For Industrial Sector