Target3001 Software

Integrated PCB Design and Simulation Software Suite

TARGET 3001 is a CAD-/CAE – software for Integrated PCB Design and Simulation Software Suite consists of Schematic, A/D Mixed Mode Simulation, Contour Autorouter, Autoplacer, PCB Layout, 3D view,  EMC Analysis check, Frontpanel Layout. It provides Manufacturing Data for production processes of all industry standards. This is integrated Software inclusive of the schematic-, simulation & layout data into one user interface, and the integration of these data into one file is revolutionary to the work of the design engineer.

The aim is a short time-to-market of your products abandoning internal conversion struggles. The TARGET 3001! Wiki intends to give information on TARGET 3001! It assists you to get started immediately. It shows you how to deal with common tasks, gives you helpful information and points at new important features. TARGET 3001! itself consists of Schematic, A/D Mixed Mode Simulation, Contour Autorouter, Autoplacer, PCB Layout, 3D view,  EMC Analysis check, Frontpanel Layout. It provides Manufacturing Data for production processes of all industry standards.


A schematic is a sketch of an electrical logic. It contains the electrical connection between component symbols by the use of signal wires and busses. A schematic in TARGET 3001! can have up to 100 pages. A schematic can be lead to a layout. You reach the schematic mode in

  • Up to 100 pages in one schematic, each 1.2m x 1.2m in size (equals 47.24 x 47.24 inches)
  • 1000+ common components provided locally
  • Extensive library of over 36,000 components supplied by a Server (internet access needed)
  • Library Browser for easy component management
  • Component Management System with direct internet access to related data sheets
  • Hierarchical Design – use existing designs as modules for other designs
  • Multiple schematics open at once – allows easy cut&paste between designs
  • Schematic symbols editable, even when already in use & independently form library
  • Gate and pin swap
  • Variants of assembly supported


The TARGET 3001!-Simulator is based on and developed the SPICE3f5-Simulator from the University of California at Berkeley. This simulator for analogue circuits became the basis for many commercial simulators. The simulator PSPICE is also a descendant of this simulator with an additional event driven simulator for digital models as its main new feature. The TARGET 3001!-Simulator contains many extensions of PSPICE (e.g. the digital simulator and the mixed mode mechanism).

The simulation language (syntax) SPICE/PSPICE for the description of models became a standard in practice. Many component manufacturers make files available for download with models for their components. The TARGET 3001!-Simulator is similar/compatible in its way of working and in the simulation language with PSPICE.

The TARGET 3001!-Simulator enables to simulate mixed circuits with analogue and digital primitives (mixed mode simulator). The user interface/dialogs of the simulator are designed as wizards with direct graphical assistance.


A layout is the binding construction plan of a PCB. In TARGET 3001! it can be edited with or without a schematic. The layout is edited in the PCB view. This icon appears in any schematic view. The expressions layout und PCB or PCB view are often used synonymous in TARGET 3001!, because the same module is meant. A simple PCB layout might look like this:

  • The PCB Outline (Pink),
  • The Soldering Pads (Footprints, Landmarks) Of The Components (Blue),
  • The Padnumbers (Black),
  • The Drillholes (Brown),
  • The Elements Of The Copper Top Side (Blue),
  • The Elements Of The Copper Bottom Side (Red),
  • The Position Print With Package Outlines And Component Names And Values (Black)
  • All Those Information (And More) Are Edited In TARGET 3001! Upon “Layers”.


TARGET 3001! offers two internal autorouters which use different routing algorithms. You will find them in layout menu “Actions…”:  Furthermore TARGET 3001! offers an interface to an “External autorouter” called ELECTRA which is an OEM product by cooperation with a belgian producer. It can be tested for free and purchased separately.


TARGET 3001! allows to inspect your layouts in 3D View. Click in layoutmenu “View” on 3D-view and eg. get:

Precondition is, that a component used has a 3D-model. The packages of the library Standard.PCK3001 are furnished with 3D models.


The TARGET 3001! cooperation partner “Beta Layout” (PCB-Pool (R)) offers industrial manufacturing of your TARGET 3001! project. What does it cost?

Please use the price calculator in TARGET 3001! menu File/Produce PCB in PCB-Pool for receiving a binding offer from PCB-Pool(R). This tool also offers opportunity for a direct order. Unique: Next Day Delivery Service with TARGET 3001! and PCB-Pool(R)


Engraving a logo to a frontpanel

After you have finished your PCB project, you may wish to create a frontpanel for the case your PCB shall be mounted in. You wish to place drillings for the LEDs, for the trimmer, an appropriate scale, or a lettering and a further outbreak or whatever. Place your frontpanel layout directly upon (above) your PCB layout, to make sure to have placed all drillings/millings precisely.

High end features

TARGET 3001! offers all functions a modern CAD is expected to have. Some of them are worth to be mentioned: